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Welcome to the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture, based in Lednice. You are holding information about the institution with the longest tradition of horticultural research and education in the Czech Republic. Our faculty offers a exclusive opportunity to develop in the unique environment of the cultural agricultural landscape of Lednice-Valtice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We have an extensive team of experts specialising in floriculture, fruit growing, nursery management, viticulture and enology, floristry, horticultural machinery, processing and postharvest technology, refrigeration and storage. We could also not do without our authorised landscape architects, ecologists, landscapers and urban planners.

As part of our current study programmes we prepare specialists in production and ornamental horticulture, processing of horticultural products, quality of plant food sources, landscape architecture and viticulture and enology. The faculty's specialised departments are based on teams of professors and their assistants, who work with more than 50 doctoral students on various research projects – from evaluating the impact of drought on plants through analysis of the nutritional quality of horticultural crops and products to the breeding of new varieties, developing new foods or use of mycorrhizal fungi to increase productivity in horticulture. Art and creativity draw on the study of the rich traditions of Liechtenstein garden art, while also focusing on projects to improve the environment for contemporary society.

Other important element for research and education purposes are our wide ranges of plant collections, containing thousands of species and cultivars from around the world. We have purpose-designed facilities, such as greenhouses of subtropical and tropical plants, wine cellar, orchards and vineyards. Our laboratories are equipped with modern analytical instruments, with equipment available for the cultivation of plants in vitro, molecular genetics and other facilities. The faculty's Landscape Architecture departments specialise in the cultural development of the agricultural landscape, the protection and preservation of garden art monuments, the development of urban and rural environments, new forms of lawn planting, systematic greenery care and the efficient use of water in the landscape. For corporate research we provide expert advice, analytical services, compile studies or test and develop new products. For our partners in the research sphere, we offer experience with EU framework projects, the NAZV, NAKI, TAČR, GAČR and SZIF national projects and projects implemented by other providers. The results of scientific research and artistic activities include multiple outputs from impacted publications in reputable journals through the scientific contributions to practice and monographs to utility models, patents, certified methodology or implemented copyrighted works and projects.

The Faculty of Horticulture of Mendel University in Brno is the right place to turn to when seeking answers to questions in many branches of horticulture. We hope that the diversity of our portfolio is of interest to you. We look forward to working with you.

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