Scientific, research and development activities, as well as artistic activities of the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture belong to systematic and traditional activities pursued by the faculty academics. Scientific, R&D and artistic activities focus on covering the current trends in production horticulture, processing of horticultural crops, and landscape architecture. The individual departments of the faculty deal with various current topics, both through basic and applied research. 

In 2021 the Faculty of Horticulture was involved in 17 different projects, either as project coordinator or project partner. Some of the main national bodies in whose grant schemes the faculty has been successfully receiving and delivering in the long run, include the Ministry of Agriculture, Technological Agency of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Overview of projects currently under way

DepartmentProject nameProject typeperiod
Department of Planting Design and MaintenanceNeglected topics in landscape architecture for heritage care purposes (DG18P02OVV007)NAKI2018-2022
Department of Landscape PlanningPraedia – Landed Estates of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia and their Harmonious Cultural Landscape – Identification and Contemporary Interpretation of Cultural Values (DG18P02OVV018)NAKI 2018-2022
Department of Planting Design and MaintenanceGarden – architecture landscape design in the period of totalitarian regimes in the years 1939-1989 in the Czech Republic (DG18P02OVV044)NAKI2018-2022
Departmenf of Horticultural MachineryTechnology for point application of organic nutrition to the permanent green root systems
Department of Viticulture and EnologyTemperature monitoring usage in prognosis and protection against vine mildew (TH04030522)TAČR2019-2022
Department of Viticulture and EnologyImplementation of ecosystem services with a focus on water balance in viticultural practice
Department of Post-Harvest Technology of Horticultural ProductsFood with high content of sulforaphane (QK1910264)NAZV2019-2022
Department of Fruit ScienceAplication of new fruit species for long-term maintenance of fruit production potential in conditions of climate changing (QK1910137)NAZV2019-2023
Department of Vegetable Growing and FlorticlutureMicroorganisms biodiversity impact on soil conservation in agricultural crop system (8J20PL033)MŠMT2020-2022
Mendeleum – Department of GeneticsTreating GTD threat using bioactive compounds of botanical origin (8J22FR013)MŠMT2022-2023
Department of Vegetable Growing and FlorticlutureResearch and development of LED grow lights with dynamic spectrum control (EG20_321/0024509)MPO ČR2021-2023
Mendeleum – Department of GeneticsUse of innovative potential of nanotechnology to enhance the rentability of selected areas of agricultural production (QK22010031)NAZV2022-2025
Department of Viticulture and EnologyInnovation of integrated and ecological production of fruit and vines in connection with the newly spreading species of harmful organisms (QK22020019)NAZV2022-2024
Departmenf of Horticultural MachineryAnalysis and modifications of compost application schemes aimed at strengthening of the soil protection system within the stabilization of production capability (QK22020032)NAZV2022-2024
Department of Breeding and Propagation of Horticultural PlantsHealthy Buxus – the basis of environmentally sustainable plant protection of historical gardens and parks and public greenery (SS05010079)TAČR 2022-2025