The MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture develops cooperation and contact with foreign educational and research institutions based on international educational programs, especially the Erasmus+, Leonardo and Ceepus programs. The Learning Agreement allows students to get the subjects which they have previously completed at a different university recognized internationally in accordance with the ECTS system.

In addition, mobility of academic staff and students are carried out in cooperation with the Academic Information Agency of the Czech Republic and also in the LE:NOTRE program.

Two study programs are accredited in English – the international Joint degree study program of International Master in Horticulture Science in cooperation with the universities of Krakow and Nitra, and the doctoral program of Horticultural Engineering.

Foreign lecturers are present and active at the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture every year, and lead lecture blocks for students.

International Relations Office

Ing. Jakub Pečenka, Ph.D.
Vice-dean for International Relations
Valtická 331, 691 44 Lednice na Moravě
Mendeleum | Institute of Genetics and Plant Breeding
Yveta Vágnerová
Organisational Staff
Valtická 331, 691 44 Lednice na Moravě
Block C | Deans Office

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Cooperation in the field of science

The MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture actively cooperates with a range of foreign partners in the field of science and research.

For example, we cooperate with the French Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA, Reims, France) under the Barrande Fellowship Programme 2022 on the project called Protection of grapevines against the GTD complex using bioactive substances of botanical origin.

Another one of our important partners is the Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y del Vino del CSIC (ICVV, La Rioja, Spain) where the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture cooperates in research focused on stem diseases of grapevines.

In the area of international excellence, involvement in three international research consortia, especially within the COST program, is key for the faculty. ZF MENDELU is a member of the directing committee and actively participates in the running of the COST event conducted under the brand CA16107, which focuses on the study and reduction of the economic impacts of bacterial pathogens from the Xanthomonadaceae family. No less important is the participation on the COST CA 17111 INTEGRAPE project („Data Integration to Maximise the Power of Omics for Grapevine Improvement“), which is focused on use and further processing of grapevine research data in the field of ampelography, biology, genetics, genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. Representatives from 78 institutions from all over the world participate in 4 working groups. Representation in CA COST 15114 CA15114 (Anti-Microbial Coating Innovations to prevent infectious diseases – AMICI) is also significant. This is a microbiological topic focused on the study of antimicrobial substances that are effective against selected pathogenic microorganisms. The MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture also participated on the COST CA19125 project (EPIgenetic mechanisms of Crop Adaptation to Climate Change).

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