The Faculty of Horticulture offers structured Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programmes in both attendance as well as combined form in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). During their courses students have access to specially-equipped facilities (greenhouses for tropical and subtropical plants, laboratories, storage management, etc.), extensive ranges of ornamental and crop plants and unique gene pools of collections of selected fruit crops, grapevines, perennial vegetables and medicinal plants – all situated on the Faculty's premises.

Subject taught in english

Applied Plant Biotechnology, Biotechnics of Landscape Greenery, Biotechnology in Horticulture, Breeding of Fruit Species, Extensive Fruit Production, Floriculture, Floristics, Fruit Nurseries, Fruit Storage, Fruit Trees and Cultural Landscapes, General Dendrology, Horticultural Machinery , Horticultural Production Mechanization, Minor Fruits, Nursery of Ornamental Plants I, Plant Breeding, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Pome Fruit Production and Nursery Techniques, Postharvest Storage of Fruit and Vegetables, Principles of Oenology, Production and Utilization of Perennials, Sophisticated Vegetable Production, Special Plants, Stone Fruit Production, Technology of Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Technology of Fruit Distillates, Technology of Soft Beverages, Vegetable Production I, Winemaking Methods.

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