A garden is a unique space where people actively or passively relax and draw energy from the nature. As such, a garden helps create the quality of one’s life. It represents a multidimensional space where dynamic natural processes take place.

One such garden lies in the heart of the campus of the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture and it is open to the public.


In this garden, events take place all year round, which we organize as part of the Theme Gardens project. If you want to visit the Academic Garden, we recommend not to miss the Theme Gardens.

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The Academic Garden in Lednice issues from the trends of contemporary global garden and in a way it serves as a unique laboratory of the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture. It is used for study and relaxation of the students, as inspiration for the teachers, as well as a source of knowledge and pleasure for the lay public. There is a broad range of plant species, domestic and exotic, and the garden also functions as a space demonstrating the basic compositional principles. The Academic Garden is a place where students of landscape architecture can discuss important issues of their discipline; understand the individual elements of garden design, principles of composition, etc. Day by day they can watch the plants grow and develop as there is always something interesting to see throughout all the seasons.

The Academic Garden was officially opened on 26 September 2011. By its form and content it covers and fulfils all the key functions that are essentially linked to the mission and life of the MENDELU Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice.

On an area of 5,565 m2 it offers and presents all the essential functions needed for operation, relaxation and recreation along with its educational and instructive programme. The spatial composition is based on the effect of a finely selected collection of plants – from striking specimen trees through large number of various shrubs and ground cover plants, a unique collection of climbers, to colourful flowers of all cultivation groups. Flowers cover the total area of 80 m2 in different types of beds and represent an illustrative display for students and all garden enthusiasts.

The main footpath is shaped as a loop in the length of 207 metres; it logically links all the entrances and allows for alternative ways across the garden. The total of 621 m2 of the walk-on surface is made from atypical pavement made using stone blocks of different sizes. The outdoor corridor is framed by a 3 metres wide metal structure that supports plants climbing over a 3.8 m tall arch. The central design element in the very heart of the Academic Garden is a sunken circular bowling green covering the area of 1,257 m2.

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Academic garden

The mission of the Academic Garden is to provide the visitors with a space for perception, study, and quiet relaxation in a highly cultivated environment that presents the forms and the spirit of the contemporary global garden.

prof. Ing. Jiří Damec, CSc.

Flyer about Academic garden

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