Sustainability - Special Issue: Promising Tech and Meth to Ensure Sust Crop Production

12. 2. 2021
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Promising Technologies and Methods to Ensure Sustainable Crop Production


Message from the Guest Editors

Dear Colleagues,

The efficient sustainable production of plant-based food resources is an important milestone for the entire agricultural sector in the context of ongoing climate change. Effective approaches in this evolving, sustainable production and research direction can represent revolutionary contributions in the improvement of crop and food production and the reduction of the ecological impact on the valuable environment.

This Special Issue targets modern, gentle, and precise approaches in the production of agricultural and horticultural crops; effective pathogen diagnosis; plant protection; and breeding and introduction of low-input crops, resistant varieties, or varieties and species with low ecological burden in the new growing environment.

Research contributions which in essence bring progress in this area are acceptable. Contributions bringing comprehensive solutions to the described problem are welcome, as are those presenting significant or revolutionary solutions to partial aspects of crop production or food production and related fields.

Dr. Tomáš Nečas

Prof. Dr. Josef Balík

Dr. Ivo Ondrášek

Dr. Tomáš Kiss



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